The #endofaid project is a one-year exploration of the collision between de-globalization, declining commitment to international aid assistance, the rapidly evolving sustainable development model and the current explosion in humanitarian assistance needs.

The underlying assumption of the project is that until we intentionally choose humanity over austerity, self-interest and instability, we shall remain willfully blind to the fact that we are working through a broken, outdated and ineffective aid system, designed for another era.

Each day, we all read the news stories, listen to the podcasts and watch the videos showing crises, wars, disease outbreaks, natural disasters and seemingly endless human suffering. Unless we raise our collective hand to acknowledge that the current political era leaves our systems of development assistance and humanitarian action insufficient to tackle the world’s spiraling challenges, we will not have begun to design and put in place the fantastic new alternatives that will ultimately replace them. Those alternatives will emerge, and reaching that point sooner rather than later will ensure that the most vulnerable people are protected.

The #endofaid project is a celebration of reaching that tipping point. It is not an attempt to decry or analyse the weaknesses of outdated systems, but an exploration of what might just be possible.

Through a series of blog posts and interviews with thought leaders and senior organizational representatives, #endofaid argues that protecting the world’s most vulnerable countries, communities, men, women and children from today’s perfect storm of political and public opinion urgently requires new vision for the dramatic root and branch re-design of existing systems. It’s been said many times before, we know, but business as usual is really not an option. No, really.

Launched in Geneva in May 2016, the #endofaid project will conclude in 2017 with the publication of a book outlining specific and practical options for progressing sustainable development and humanitarian responses in this age of austerity, self-interest and conflict. Your contributions to this blog platform are encouraged, and will be duly acknowledged, subject to individual permission.

Who is behind #endofaid? The project coordinator is Dr Tim France, a wayward molecular biologist and Managing Director of Inis Communication. He has over 30 years experience in scientific research, public health and development, including several landmark civil society projects. Prior to starting Inís Communication and the non-profit Health & Development Networks, Tim held positions with the World Health Organization’s Global Programme on AIDS, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, the Roll Back Malaria Partnership, and the Foundation du Présent. Tim obtained his PhD through laboratory research at the University of Wales College of Medicine (UK), studying the molecular mechanisms underlying the growth of advanced prostate cancer. He has written numerous reports, papers and book chapters, as well as many news, features and perspective pieces on international health policy. He has also been Scientific Editor of two popular international scientific journals. Originally from London, he has worked in over 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, and migrated to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand just over fifteen years ago.

You can find Tim on Twitter and LinkedIn.